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How to Start a Blog in 6 Easy Steps [Ultimate Guide]

Excited to know that you have decided to start a blog 🙂

But wait, it’s not that easy. Well, I mean it’s easy but tricky.😝 If you want to start a blog for free and make money then this post is for you.

Years ago, a question disturbed me a lot that how do I start a blog?🤔 I had no idea to do that.

There are plenty of sites over the Internet which are saying different things to do right? Who do you listen then? How do you start? They are confusing. 😏

All are saying many things but nobody telling the starting point about how to start a blog?

So, if you are confused about all the above questions like me then I am going to answer all of them in this article.

In 2019, when I started Blogging Clue, I did not know much about blogging. I just have an idea on which I worked and turned this site into money making💵 website.

Now, I have 70-80 thousand monthly unique visitors(+ growing) with limited content. People ask me lots of queries and I am thankful that my knowledge is helping people.

The greatest part is that people actually listen to me and follow my steps which is a great thing for me as a blogger.

Blog Submission-List

So, I am keeping this guide simple so that newbies can also understand this. I am not writing stupid things in this article. Keeping it simple and easy so that you can get an idea from it.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about the blog. I am covering all the major steps in this guide. So let’s start.


Before diving to the steps, you should know that why you need a blog? People usually start a blog for the following reasons:

1. To share their activities(travel, hobbies, daily works, new experiences, life stories etc)
2. Provide free knowledge about the topic in which they are confident.
3. Share their views on various topics (political, global etc)
4. Help people on various problems with solutions (personal or professional)
5. To improve writing and social skills
6. Most Important! Making money online (90% people choice).

In the last few years, blogging is a very famous career choice among youngsters.💰

There are millions of blogs online but still, there is a huge scope in this field to make your blog stand out of the crowd. The only things needed are right knowledge and patience 🙂

So, are you excited to start?

So if you are still confused by the questions like “how to start a blog” or “how do I start a blog and earn money” then here the main steps which you need to follow for building a money making blog and answer your questions:

1. Select a Topic
2. Selecting a Blogging Platform
3. Select Hosting
4. Select Domain Name
5. Design and Update
6. Quality Content

Trust me, you can do the above steps in less than 30 minutes.⏱ Isn’t that cool?

The only thing you need do is keep reading this article and following the steps carefully to avoid unwanted mistakes.

So let’s dive into the process:

1. Selecting a Topic

Choosing a blog topic is a very first thing you need to do. You have to know what you are going to write and promote.

Select a topic you are best in. It may be health related, business, mobiles, gadgets, technology, whatever you want to.

You can also use micro niche topics. So, go ahead and select your topic first. You can also start a multi-topic blog.

2. Selecting Best Blogging Platform

Undoubtedly, WordPress! When it comes to selecting the best blogging platform, about 49% of the blogging world is powered by WordPress. But wait!!! There is a catch!✋

WordPress comes with it two types. One is self-hosted( and another one you can install in any hosting platform( My recommendation is using will cost you more.


You have various other platforms like BloggerWixTumblr and many more. But WordPress is highly flexible and customizable. It has thousands of plugins to enhance its functionality for speed, SEO and design.

  • Also, it has tons of free themes available. Yes, you heard it right. It provides a great database of free themes which contains all kind of themes.
  • It has a great community and forum support too. You can ask anything.
  • WordPress is super easy to set up.
  • Perfectly optimized for SEO with dozens of plugins.
  • Add-ons like Popups, login/registers are complimentary with themes.

3. Select Domain Name

Buy a domain name of your choice. My recommendation is select .com or .net domain extension. Also, avoid numbers and symbols in it. Keep it short and clean. Select domain name based on your blog content.👍

You can use your name also. You, don’t have to buy domain name separately if you are buying annual plans of hosting. Annual plans always include a free domain name with it. Read below.

4. Select Hosting

Once you decided to choose WordPress, Now its time to select Hosting platform to Host your blog. Top WordPress hosting provides with a free domain in the annual plan is are:

1. BlueHost (Best WordPress Hosting)👌
2. GoDaddy
3. DreamHost
4. Wpinfy 
5. SiteGround

Select any of the above and go to cPanel. There, you can find a direct option to install WordPress. Once installed your blog is now ready. Always take help of hosting support in this. They will do all the thing for you and give you a fully functioning blog.

Here are the tutorials to install WordPress on:

1. Bluehost

2. GoDaddy

5. Designing

Nobody likes ugly looking websites. So, once everything is done, it’s time to design your blog. Go to WordPress Dashboard and under Appearance->Themes. Search or select any theme which you like the most and customize it with Customize option in Appearance.

Also, you can use Cache plugins, SEO plugins, CSS or JS Minify plugins to enhance the speed and SEO of the blog.

Remember! Always make it professional. It must reflect your personality. The great it looks, more people will love it. Also, take care of the speed also. Google loves fast websites. make your website easily navigable.

For best premium themes, visit ThemesforestHappy Themes, or MyTheme Shop.

6. Mind-Blowing Content: “CONTENT IS THE REAL KING”

What if your great looking blog is having poor or duplicate content. It will never work. You will never rank your blog in top results.

Always post original and genuine content. Only write if you can prove your facts. “HALF KNOWLEDGE IS VERY DANGEROUS”.🚫

So, these steps will help you make an awesome money making blog. Once you start getting traffic, apply for Google Adsense and start earning huge money.

If you want to start a blog then you can use Blogger, Tumblr or for best results. But it has certain disadvantages which are as follows:

1. You are not the Owner

Yes, you heard it right.👂 The blog you make in above platforms are hosted as sub-domains of the primary platform.

2. Many Limits

These platforms are not as flexible as WordPress. They have limited access to various functions. So, install WordPress and have a win-win situation.


In case you are stuck on any step please contact me or leave the comment below. I will help you with all the steps. 🙂

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