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Top 5 Ways to Generate Backlinks for New Website

Creating high-quality backlinks is not an easy task. But once you have created a great backlink profile for your website then nobody can beat you in Search Engine Ranking Results.

Backlinks are one of the essential factors to rank in top results of Search Engines. In this, I will tell you that how to generate backlinks for a new website in very less time.

What are Backlinks:

Before jumping in backlink building process you must have knowledge about backlinks and its basic concepts. Backlinks are incoming links to your website. Whenever you leave a link to your website on another website with proper hypertext then it is considered as a backlink.

Previously backlinks are the most important factor for ranking. But after Google Updates we have to maintain other factors also which are On-Page SEO, Improved Domain Authority, Multimedia, Speed, Writing, Social Media Profiles etc. So, a great combination of all these factors will help you in achieving the first-page rank in search engines.

Some Essential Ranking Factors:

As mentioned above we have various search engine ranking factors. If you are new to SEO then go through all of them. I am explaining them in brief below.

Taking Google as an example, it is said that it has 200+ ranking factors in its algorithms. Here, I am focusing on the most important factors which will help you in getting ranking for your new website. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Google RankBrain(Latest in 2020): 

Google RankBrain is a 3rd most important ranking signal. It is an AI system which helps in processing Google search results. It is confirmed by Google too.

Google RankBrain works in a simple way. It understands what you want to search and then provide suitable results. Mainly, it has two main jobs:

  • To understand Search Terms(Keywords)
  • Analyze and measure User interaction with the results

If you want to know more about RankBrain, click here.

2. UX and Deep Quality Content:

User Experience is one of the major ranking factors. It is always recommended to make your website or blog user-friendly. If your page in not user-friendly then it will never rank in Google.

Also, long and descriptive content will lead you to success. Write an article with at least 800-2000 words. Also, include infographics, media and heading tags to it.  Also, implement internal linking in it. Create a meaningful and user engaging content.

3. ON-Page SEO:

ON-Page SEO tells you about the SEO friendliness of your webpage or article according to search engine guidelines. It is one of the major ranking factors.

In this, you have to take care of a few things on a single page or article. Like, SEO friendly title and its length, proper meta description, article length, keyword density etc.

I have written a detailed article on writing a good quality article which will clear all your doubts about ON-Page SEO.

4. Domain Authority:

Having Domain Authority above 60 is great for ranking. It is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages.

Achieving high DA is a difficult task. Again, I have written an article on how to improve domain authority which will help you in gaining high DA score for your website.

5. Website Speed & Mobile Friendliness:

Website with great speed will definitely rank high in search engine. Also, mobile friendliness websites are more preferred by Google. If possible, integrate Google AMP on your website.

Not only for search engines but if your website is loading slow then users will also not like it. So try to speed up your website as much as possible.

6. Backlinks and Internal Linking:

I have already explained about backlinks at the beginning of the post. Let me briefly describe internal linking. It is a process of linking other articles of your website within the articles.

A great example of internal linking is Wikipedia. Whenever you see a Wikipedia page you will notice so many hyperlinked texts all over the article. They refer to the different pages within Wikipedia. So always include internal links in your article or page.

7. Social Media Profiles:

Having social media profiles on your website is compulsory. Create major social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest etc and integrate their buttons on your website. If you have a great social media profile and reputation then they will redirect lots of traffic to your website.

8. Other Factors:

Apart from the above, we have many other factors like website traffic, hosting and domain registration, bounce rate, outbound links, duplicate content, writing etc.

To rank in top results you must satisfy all the major ranking factors. Once done search engine will love your website and your website will rank properly. You can find all the ranking factors here.

Important Points before Creating Backlinks:

  1. Always use high PR sites for backlinks
  2. Try to get backlinks from same NICHE websites
  3. Never buy links from paid sites
  4. Don’t use same anchor text on every link
  5. Try to get backlinks from multiple sites

How to Create Backlinks in Simple Ways:

Getting high-quality backlinks is a difficult and long task. We cannot get high-quality backlinks overnight. It is a game of proper plan and strategies. It is highly recommended to get backlinks from genuine websites.

Never buy backlinks and traffic from any paid website. Google is watching your website. If you do so Google updates will definitely hit your website and you will lose all your ranking.

Now, I will tell you that how to create backlinks with simple methods. I am going to discuss the latest techniques of 2017 which will help you in getting quality backlinks.

These methods are very well tested and they will surely give you 100% results. The only thing needed is your hard work and patience. Let’s discuss all the latest techniques to create backlinks:

1. How to Generate Backlinks with Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is one of the best methods to create backlinks. It is also an old technique. In this method, you have to share your article on various social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking sites are the sites which allow you to store and share your bookmarks. Few examples of famous social bookmarking sites are, Stumbleupon, Plurk, etc.Once you save or share a bookmark, it will give you a backlink. Share your bookmarks on various bookmarking sites and get high-quality backlinks.

I have already written a tutorial on social bookmarking sites list. Go through it and you will get a complete list of social bookmarking sites.

2. How to Generate Backlinks with Do-Follow Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is also a popular way to get quality backlinks. Find various blogs related to your niche and post genuine comments in them including your URL.

But keep in mind that always post comments on same niche blogs or websites. For example, if your website is about mobiles and you are commenting on health website then there is no benefit of it.



To easily find your website niche blogs use a free web tool which is called DropMyLink. It this simply searches a keyword related to your blog and it will give you a complete list of websites and blogs. With blog commenting you can get a good number of backlinks.

3. How to Generate Backlinks with Guest Post:

Get posting is one of the most effective methods to get quality backlinks. As its name tells, you need to write articles for others website and include a backlink to your website in it.

Again, you need to find the website or blogs in the same niche. Guest post backlinks are considered as the most effective backlinks. It is not easy, but it is not impossible also.



Find some related websites and gather a list of their admin emails. Now write them a great proposal for your writing skills and experience.

Also, mention that you want to write a unique and high-quality article on their website. All you need is a backlink to your website. If they approve your request you can easily gain great backlinks.

 Find guest post opportunities using Google Search:

Open Google and search for the following queries:

  • Keyword “guest post”
  • Keyword intitle:“write for us”
  • Keyword inurl:”write for us”
  • Keyword “submit a guest post”
  • Keyword “submit” AROUND(4) “guest post”
  • Keyword “guest post by”
  • Keyword “accepting guest posts”
  • Keyword “guest post guidelines”
  • Keyword “submit blog post”
  • Keyword “contribute to our site”
  • Keyword “submit article”
  • Keyword “guest author”
  • Keyword inurl:“guest post”
  • inpostauthor: “guest + post” Keyword
  • inpostauthor: “guest + blog” Keyword

4. How to Generate Backlinks with Document Sharing:

Document sharing is also a great way to get backlinks. In this method, you need to create a PDF or PPT documents, insert a link to it and share it on various document sharing websites. Once Google crawls your document it will start showing your backlinks in webmaster tool.

5. How to Get Quality Backlinks with Infographics(New):

Infographics are latest and best way to get backlinks nowadays. A picture with graphics and informative text in it is referred as Infographics. Info-graphics are very popular and easy to use. Use various online tools like Canva, Fotor etc.


While creating infographics, always keep remembering to save them in PDF format. In PDF format you can easily place a link. But, if you save it in PNG or JPG format then you cannot insert a link in it. After creating a PDF infographics share it in on various PDF sharing websites to get quality backlinks.

Wrapping Up

So, in this article on how to generate backlinks, I have discussed backlinks, their importance and different ways to create backlinks.

I have written tutorials on PDF sharing sitesPPT sharing sites and Social bookmarking sites which will guide you through the whole process. Follow these articles and start getting backlinks from various document sharing sites.

Backlinks are really important to get a good rank in search engine results. If you are starting a new blog then start creating backlinks from day 1. If you have any query please leave the comment below.

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Very helpful aticle thanks for sharing but i have one questions can i generate 100 + backlinks in a day if yes then how and what are pr sites

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No! you can’t. generating so many backlinks in a day will spam your website. Keep them 5-10 per day. Also, concentrate more on content marketing than backlinking.


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