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[40+] Best High PR PDF Submission Sites List

In this article, I will provide you a list of Free High PR PDF submission sites. PDF submission websites will help in boosting your SEO score with the help of simple PDF documents.

You may wonder how PDF documents can help you in getting quality backlinks from your website. Yes, you heard it right. A simple PDF document is capable of providing high-quality backlinks and improves your rank in Google search results.

If you have created a new blog and want a quick link building for it then PDF files will surely help you in getting quality backlinks from high authority websites.

In this guide, I am providing full details about free document sharing sites list that you can use them to get quality backlinks.

I will also provide you a complete list of free high PR PDF Sharing sites in which you can submit your PDF documents. You can also share them on various platforms.

These PDF sharing websites not only promote your links but also provide you the opportunity for brand exposure. The process is quite simple and easy. Keep reading below:

What is PDF Document?

PDF stands for Portable Document File. It is a file format used to exchange documents on various platforms without depending upon any particular software and hardware.

You can create them on any operating system and use them on any platform. All you need is any PDF reader software. You can use various elements in PDF file like text, images, links, designs, etc.

Creating PDF Files:

If you want to use your PDF file to get backlinks, then you must include a link to it along with your keyword. Once done, your document is ready.

Creating a PDF is a piece of cake. You can use various online tools to create PDF. But I will tell you a straightforward and fast method to create PDF file. Follow the process below:

  • First of all open MS-Word and create a document including text, images, borders and a link to the keyword. Let your main keyword is “SEO Services” in the document then highlight it using mouse cursor and press CTRL+K.
  • A new window will open, and you can add your URL to it. Once done, you have inserted a link to the document.
  • Now save the document. It will be in .docx format. All you need to do is to convert it to PDF format. Directly go to this link and click on Select Files button.
  • After this click on the Convert button. Now it will automatically download a PDF version of your uploaded document.

Make sure that you write at least 120 words in your PDF file. Also, don’t forget to include a link in your keyword. A link is necessary because when Google scan your document, it will examine the link too.

High PR PDF Submission Sites List 2020:

Below I have listed some best PDF submission sites which will provide you quality backlinks. Once you submitted your PDF search engine will scan your document and count your link.

These sites have good DA and PA. I tested all, and they work like magic. I used them for a month and got lots of quality backlinks.

Make a list of below free PDF submission sites 2018 and start submitting your documents. Write a good description and add tags correctly.

Top 47 Handpicked High PR PDF Sharing Sites 2020:

Check the list of top high PR PDF Sharing sites below and start submitting documents to these sites. I am mentioning all the free sites here. So, take the full advantage of it.

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S.NoWebsites URLDomain AuthorityPage Authority
13.Google Drive10071
45. (Paid)4932

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  1. Edocr:

Edocr is a free online digital library. It allows you to publish your document online for millions of readers. Only create an account and start uploading your documents. It is one of the best high PR PDF Submission sites in 2019.

Edocr provides a facility to add a link to the keyword in the description. Make a PDF and start publishing your documents to get quality backlinks. Its DA is 61 and PA are 65.

  1. Issuu

Issuu is also digital publishing platform. It also allows you to add catalogs and publications to it. It has 63 DA and 53 PA. Issuu has millions of users, and you can add PPT files to it also.

  1. Pdfsr

Pdfsr is also a pdf publishing website. It has DA 55, and PA is 65. Just signup for the website and start uploading your documents. It is also one of the top-rated PDF submission sites 2017.

  1. Slideserve

Slideserve is designed to work with PPT files, but you can also upload PDF files to it. Its DA is 55 and PA are 50. Simply signup and start uploading your documents.

  1. SlideShare

Linkedin officially manages SlideShare. Its DA is 95 and PA are 100. Upload your document it in and start getting quality backlinks from it.

Slideserve is very much similar SlideShare. You will find the same interface. Always try to write unique description and tags.

  1. 4Shared

4Shared is a file-sharing website. You can add your PDF files to it. After upload, you can share its link on various social platforms.

  1. Zoho Docs

Zoho provides various Business solutions. It has document subdomain on which you can add your PDF files quickly. Just signup to Zoho and start uploading documents.

  1. Docdroid

Docdroid is a straightforward website to upload your documents. Create a well-written PDF and share it in docdroid. Once document scanned you will get quality backlinks.

  1. PDF-Archive

PDF Archive is a free website. It does not require registration. Just upload files and get sharing the link.

  1. Jumpshare

Jumpshare is also file sharing website. You can share different files via jumpshare. PDF document can also be uploaded via jumpshare.

  1. Scribd

Scribd is available with 30-days free trial offer. Just signup for the site and upload your documents to it. The DA of the site is low. I recommend not to use this website.


Yudu is also Digital Publishing platforms. It is free with limited storage options. You can upload your PDF documents and share the links.

  1. Google Drive

Upload your documents to Google Drive and Google will scan it automatically. It will analyze your documents and list the hyperlinks in it.

  1. Calameo

Its Domain Authority is 90 and Page Authority is 92. It is an excellent website for digital documents and also supports free accounts with 15GB of storage.

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In this guide to free pdf submission sites list 2020 I have mentioned following things which will help you on getting backlinks from the website:

  1. Backlinks using PDF
  2. Introducing PDF
  3. Free PDF Submission Sites list

These sites are also beneficial in link building strategy by simply uploading PDF documents.

Apart from the above sites, you can search Google for more high PR PDF submission sites 2020. If you have any confusion about the topic, then please let me know through comments.

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All the articles are rated after a long research and discussions. If you find any wrong information in these, please let me know through comments. Also, please rate this article to make it trustful for others!

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