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PPT Submission Sites List [Free High PR Sites List]

The SEO is the art of dominating the SERP with do or die strategy. There are tons of SEO strategies implemented in these days. PPT Submission sites is one of them.

Some seem to be working, and few turns into null. Here, the PPT submission list is compiled for your Microsoft Powerpoint Files sharing activity.

Submitted PPT on various websites could help you gain massive exposure along with SEO benefits. Page Ranking is dead as per the update from Google. But it is still helpful for people to assess and evaluate any website.

In this article, I will discuss the PPT submission sites list with which you can easily upload your documents to various websites and get quality backlinks.

These PPT sharing sites will also help you in your brand exposure.

What are PPT Submission Sites?

PPT submission is the act of sharing/uploading a PPT (Microsoft Powerpoint Files/Presentation Files) to the websites that allow the users to do so.

The presentation files are valuable, and it is seen as one of the relevant content with visual and graphic assets.

There are tons of websites and forum available for free PPT submission. One can take this as an advantage for boosting their online presence to the core.

The perfect and valuable PPT files are worth to share across the globe. We already have dozens of high valued PPT submission sites over the internet.

Benefits of PPT Submission Sites:

The PPT submission sites concept is a golden strategy used by huge people online. It has several benefits and fantastic SEO advantages to the core.

Some of the below-listed benefits will showcase the real plan behind the submission of PPT across the internet:

  1. Boosts the SEO campaign with ppt submission sites
  2. Diversify the Backlinks with ppt sharing sites
  3. Great online exposure
  4. Laser-targeted viral referral traffic with ppt submission sites
  5. Lead conversion with ppt sharing sites
  6. Brand Automation with ppt submission sites
  7. Dominate a niche/topic
  8. Easily shareable 
  9. Boost Affiliate Magic with PPT submission sites 
  10. Build Relevant Backlinks.

Note: The above-listed features and benefits aren’t the ultimate list. There exists plenty of benefits regarding PPT submission sites list. These are considered as the significant advantages of PPT sharing sites strategy.

1. Boosts the SEO campaign with PPT Submission Sites:

The SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the organic method to boost the website presence in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It is mandatory to do the things to make the search engine notice our website/blog.

PPT sharing would boost the SEO activity to the next level. If a PPT related to your topic is posted on a high PR-based submission site, you will get a quality link back to your site. This would enrich the site’s SEO value due to the link reference.

The web spiders and bots are smart enough to analyze the content of the PPT files too. It is mandatory to provide quality PPT which indicates/represent your brand or website.

If you’re trying to fool/spam the whole community for the sake of exposure, you will get penalized soon. Submitting PPT on a PR6 and above could help you boost your SEO campaign effortlessly.

2. Diversify the Backlinks with PPT Submission Sites:

It is an excellent concept to diversify your backlinks and make your incoming links as a natural one. Thus, you’re safe enough to run your SEO campaign and link building strategy.

Diversify your links and stably keep your website SEO health. PPT submission expose your brand/website inside your presentation.

3. Great online exposure with PPT Submission Sites:

Sharing the PPT files not only gains you SEO and back-linking benefits. It also helps you gain massive exposure to promising leads. As the search engine is the traditional method for searching and surfing the internet through the keyword search, it is saturated.

There is a massive competition for dominating the 1st position in the SERP. It requires time and proper maintenance too. But the PPT, PDF and Video Submission/Search engine sites are the one which has non-saturated yet lesser competition than the blogs/website.

It is wise to rank easily on a PPT/PDF submission site. Thus, your PPT gets substantial online exposure without any doubt.

4. Laser-targeted viral referral traffic:

The PPT that you’ve submitted to a submission site could drive you laser-targeted viral traffic without any hassle. The PPT/PDF sharing sites are the ones who have millions of active monthly users.

This extends the possibility of exposing your PPT and visual content to the sizable laser-targeted traffic.

5. Lead conversion with PPT Sharing Sites:

One could nurture the leads by submitting the PPT files as a content piece online. It is a myth that people tend to show more love towards visual content than the text/blog.

Optimizing your PPT with the relevant keywords and description could help your content climb to the top position inside a PPT search engine. Higher the visits to your PPT, higher the conversion would be.

6. Brand Automation:

You can create brand automation with the help of PPTs precisely. Setting up a PPT with a better call to action paves the way for brand automation.

The PPT could turn into an email lead capturing funnel or a visit to the product page. It could also drive traffic to your desired destination without any issue.

7. Dominate a niche/topic:

Dominating a niche could efficiently be practiced with the help of top PR PPT submission sites. Creating a massive list of relevant PPT with valuable content will make you capture the niche/topic quickly. It also dominates the relevant broad issues as well.

8. Easily shareable:

The PPT/PDF are portable and easily shareable across the devices. It is a great option to make your PPT go round the globe. While comparing with the blog post/case studies, the chances of carrying the PPT content via any portable format is high.

A portable file is always preferred as an offline resource as well. So, PPT remains a remarkable resource for most people. It is easily shareable and could be kept as a memorable file in a device forever.

9. Affiliate Magic with PPT Submission Sites:

The combination of affiliate product and PPT file creation could do magic for your affiliate marketing business. There is a chance of earning huge via affiliate marketing strategy in a PPT form.

10. Build relevant backlinks:

Most of people love PPT submission sites due to the appropriate backlinks and exposure online. It is the right strategy to diversify the links as well. Acquiring high PR PPT backlink makes your website fling up high very quickly.

PPT Submission Sites List 2020:

Top 31 highly authorized PPT Sharing Sites:

S.No.PPT Submission SitesDomain AuthorityPage Authority
31.Google Drive9458

There is a huge PPT submission sites list available online. But the above list is worth trying as it has a good PageRank score. The domain authority and page authority of the above websites are fair enough to take action regarding submission.

How to get started with PPT Submission Sites?

Some of the general and precaution measures to be taken before submitting PPT online are listed below:

  1. Search for great content first
  2. Create a quality PPT content and concentrate on the design.
  3. Save your PPT with the keywords/topic you’re targeting for.
  4. Include watermark of your brand/website to avoid content gets stolen.
  5. Keep your business/personal mailbox active to receive the further update.
  6. Find LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing keywords to post in the description for niche targeting.
  7. Keep an eye on using other brand’s trademark and copyrighted material including logos in your PPT.
  8. Posting continuously in a PPT search engine hub could blacklist/ban you sometimes.
  9. Don’t spam and post the irrelevant content and trick the internet user in any way.
  10. Always credit the resource with the respective authors and makers to make it look genuine.
  11. Participate in the website activity by commenting on the neighbor’s PPT and presentations.

Wrapping Up

Before jumping into the backlink process via PPT submission sites list, first, create a website and always try to improve their Domain Authority with the help of backlinks.

Now, In this guide to PPT submission sites, I have covered many aspects of PPT and their use in SEO. The benefits of PPT sharing sites list is to emphasize the people that it has significant SEO benefits.

The Powerpoint files are the one which comprises of pretty visuals and graphics. The content that delivers a quality will win the race effortlessly.

It is an excellent practice to boost the SEO value to the next level with the PPT link building strategy. This will make your brand or website grow quicker than you think.

You can recommend more sites and community that allows PPT sharing and collaboration under the comment section. Apart from this PPT Sharing Sites List, I have also written about PDF Sharing sites and Social bookmarking site.

Overall Rating:
  • Listed Websites
  • SEO Advantages
  • Backlinks Quality
  • Ranking Improvement


All the articles are rated after a long research and discussions. If you find any wrong information in these, please let me know through comments. Also, please rate this article to make it trustful for others!

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