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Top 43 Image Sharing Sites List to Boost SEO

Image sharing is one of the best and popular SEO techniques. In this tutorial, I am going to tell you about the usage and benefits of free Image Sharing Sites in SEO.

These websites are really helpful in Digital Marketing and have the power to completely reform your website/brand value.

Also, I am sharing an updated free image sharing sites list for 2020 which will help you a lot. Image sharing websites are an excellent source of generating high-quality backlinks, brand exposure, and boosting SEO ranking.

These sites also help you in getting quality traffic from different sources. Image sharing websites are capable of boosting the online visibility of your website.

image sharing sites lists

What is Image Submission in SEO?

In SEO we use various techniques like PDF sharing, PPT sharing, blog commenting, article sharing, guest posting, outreach and many more techniques to gain backlinks, traffic and brand exposure. Image sharing is one of them.

If used in the right way it is an awesome way to present your blog/website to millions of users using image sharing sites.

In the image sharing technique, you have to create good graphics (info-graphics recommended) and share them. If people like your graphics then they will visit your website and provide you insane traffic.

Image sharing websites will help you in building a strong backlink profile also. Let us have a look at some of the best advantages of image sharing websites.

Top 5 Advantages of Image Sharing Sites

Before digging into the process let us have a look at the top 5 benefits of image hosting sites which you will get while doing SEO.

1. Getting High-quality backlinks:

The first advantage of image sharing website is backlinks. You can easily get high-quality backlinks by submitting your image or graphic content. Once you get high-quality backlinks from these websites then obviously your ranking will improve in search engines.

2. Traffic Generation:

High PR Image sharing sites can bring huge traffic to your website. If you produce high-quality images and share them on image sharing websites then obviously people will visit your website and you will get a decent amount of traffic. But your graphics must be of high quality and meaningful. To get more traffic you can create images like infographics styles and share them.

3. Brand Exposure with Free Photo Sharing Sites:

Brand exposure is the most difficult task in SEO. By using image sharing sites you can boost your brand value on the internet.  Image sharing websites have millions of page views per month. You can take a huge advantage of these.

4. SEO Ranking Boost:

Once you get high-quality backlinks and traffic from image sharing websites then obviously keyword ranking will boost in search engine results, especially in Google.

5. Socially Famous:

If you can create awesome graphics then there are the chances that people want to connect to you. In this way, you can grow your social media followers too.

Tips to Use Image Sharing Sites for SEO

To use picture sharing websites for SEO you have to take care of the following things:

1. Use bright and colorful graphics
2. Produce meaningful content & infographics
3. Always use a correct file format
4. The alt tag is necessary
5. Provide a complete description of the image
6. If you are using a third party image then always provide credits

Why ALT Tag is necessary?

The ALT tag is very important while submitting or creating any kind of image. The reason behind this is the search engines are not able to read your images.

They don’t know what is there in the graphics which you have submitted. So they take help of the ALT tag to understand the image. Also, they rank the images according to these tags. So always apply alt tag to the image.

How to Do Image Sharing in SEO?

Submitting your images to image sharing sites is very simple. Here are the simple four steps which you have to follow:

1. Create an effective image
2. Sign up for the image sharing website
3. Upload your image with proper description and title
4. Submit your image

List of high PR Image Sharing sites Free for SEO in 2020

S. No.Blog Submission SitesAuthority

Best 5 New Photo Sharing Sites for SEO

  1. Facebook: As we know, Facebook is the world’s best social networking website. Fb has DA of 100. We can use Facebook as one of the best image sharing site. Simply create an image and share it on your Facebook pages, groups or your profile. Facebook has billions of users and you can take advantage of that.
  2. Twitter: Twitter can also be used as an image sharing site. You just have to add an image to your tweet. The process is simple and easy. Domain authority of Twitter is nearly 100. Also, Twitter provides you backlinks. Always use the URL in the tweet.
  3. Pinterest: Pinterest is also a form of image sharing site. While adding pins always use your image with proper links and description. Pinterest also provides the do follow backlinks to your website.
  4. Tumblr: Tumblr is one of my favorite image sharing website. It can be used to write text, articles, blogs, sharing links and adding images or videos. To share images just go to the image sharing option and upload your image with description and title. You can also add links to the anchor text in your description. Tumblr is also capable of giving backlinks. So use this website to get high-quality backlinks to your website.
  5. Imgur: IMGUR is my favorite image site. It is used worldwide and it is very simple to use. Simply, sign up for the website and upload your images with suitable title and description. You can also add a link to your website.


Never use third party images without permissions or provide correct credits in the captions. If you don’t do that it may cause a penalty to your website by Google updates.

I hope this image sharing sites list will help you in getting high-quality backlinks and Boost Your SEO ranking. If you have any suggestion or doubts about this tutorial then please let me know through comments.

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