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Google RankBrain Update in SEO 2020 [Ultimate Guide]

Hey readers, in this article I am going to give you guys a complete idea about Google RankBrain and its importance in SEO 2020. Google RankBrain is an AI-based algorithm which Google uses to filter the best possible results for you.

Now, if you are really serious about SEO then you must know about Google RankBrain and its importance in SEO.

It is so important because Google has officially stated RankBrain as its 3rd most crucial ranking factor. You must optimize your website for RankBrain if you want a good ranking for your website or blog. Google RankBrain is becoming more valuable every day.

So, read this article carefully and complete all the basics of Google RankBrain. I am sure that this guide will surely help you in optimizing your website or blog for the RankBrain algorithm.

Part 1: What is Google RankBrain?

As I have stated above, Google RankBrain is an Artificial Intelligence-based ranking algorithm by Google which will help it in filtering the Google results. The primary goal of Google RankBrain is to provide you with the best possible results. It helps Google in understanding the queries like the human brain.

Google RankBrain v/s Manual Coded Algorithms

You may wonder that how Google RankBrain is different. Well, let’s have a brief look at this matter. Before RankBrain, Google algorithms are self-coded by Google engineers. So the process without RankBrain is as follows:

  1. First, they implement something new tweak to Google algorithms
  2. Then they observe the mixing of results
  3. If It works well they permanently implement the changes

Now things have changed but Google engineers still work on algorithms. These algorithms are not completely AI dependent.

On the other hand, Google RankBrain works differently. It is capable of modifying algorithms on its own. Depending on your search queries/keywords Google RankBrain will increase or decrease the importance of your backlinks, Domain Authority, content quality, freshness etc.

Rankbrain-1After doing this, it will make tweaks to the algorithms. After that, it will observe that how searchers interact with new search results.  If the user’s satisfaction increases with the new algorithm changes then it will stay.

If the user doesn’t like the new results then it will roll back to the previous state. A test is conducted by Google between Google engineers and RankBrain and it is found that Google RankBrain performed 10% better than the engineers. So, the point is Google RankBrain will stay and you have to optimize your websites according to it.

Part 2: Google RankBrain Working

Google has introduced this algorithm to help users. But do you know how it works?   Let me give you a brief idea about the working of Google RankBrain:

It works in two major steps:

  • Understanding user queries(keywords)
  • Observing user satisfaction with the results
  1. Understanding User Queries:

You might wonder how a Program can understand the keywords? But it’s true. Before RankBrain Google user to scan pages which contain the exact keywords users are searching for.

For example, if I search for “Best hotels in India” then Google will rank the pages which include this keyword more accurately and densely.  But, now RankBrain has changed the game.

It will now analyze the query and understands that you are looking for “best hotels in India”. Now it will look for best user satisfactory results instead of keywords rich pages. Have a look at the results of the same keyword below:


As you can see in the above screenshot, exact keyword (“best hotels in India”) is not present anywhere. Instead, it is showing you the best results for this query which are mostly liked by the users and improved the user’s satisfaction.

So, this is the ways Google RankBrain understands the results. It will actually analyze your meaning behind the query and gives you suitable results.

  1. Observing Searchers Satisfaction with Results: 

After showing result sets how Google RankBrain is going to know that users are liking that results or not? Well, it observes. If lots of people like a common page in the results then it will boost the ranking of that page.

If users don’t like that page then it will drop its ranking and replace it with another one. And next time when someone searches for the same query or similar then it will again observe the pages and make changes according to it.

Factors Observed by RankBrain: 

Google RankBrain mainly observe your interaction with the results. It basically measures the following UX Signals:

  • Dwell Time
  • Organic CTR
  • Bounce Rate
  • Pogo-Sticking

I will explain these points in the last part of this article. So that you will learn various tweaks and techniques to optimize these important UX signals.

Part 3: Keyword Research with RankBrain

Avoid long tail keywords now. They are not going to give you any benefit. As Google RankBrain is smartly intelligent, it will rank similar results for related queries. Let me show you a good example:

I am going to search for related keywords. One is the medium tail and another one is the long tail. See the screenshot below:


So as you can see the results are the same. If you are writing an article of 2000 words by using long tail keywords then you are wasting your time.

What to do then? Well, you need to use medium tail keywords. The best ways to use them is to select one best medium tail keywords with average searches (9-10k) and write the complete article around it.

The advantage of it is that when you publish the article using a medium tail keyword then Google RankBrain automatically rank your article for that keyword and hundreds of similar keywords.

Isn’t that cool? So, the point is starting optimizing your content for a single medium take keyword and see the magic of RankBrain.

Part 4: Improving Various UX Signals

In this part we are going to discuss various techniques to improve UX Signals which are as follows:

  • Dwell Time
  • Organic CTR
  • Bounce Rate
  • Pogo-Sticking

1. Dwell Time & Bounce Rate:

Dwell Time refer to the time which user spend on the website after clicking the result. If a user spends a great time on the website then obviously RankBrain will think that users are loving the results and it will boost your ranking. But if the user left/bounces your website within 2-3 seconds then RankBrain will consider it as a bad experience and drop ranking by few spots.

To avoid this situation please follow the techniques below:

  1. Using 5-10 sentence small intros at the beginning which define your whole article
  2. Push content above the fold
  3. Always publish long, in-depth content
  4. Use short sentences in place of long paragraphs
  5. Always optimize your website speed
  6. Create attractive titles and subheadings
  7. Use proper images and media whenever needed
  8. You can also include Infographics

2. Improving CTR: 

How will you convince users to click on your result page? Well, I have some self-tested techniques which will help you a lot. Here, I am mentioning some points to get your result clicked. Check below:

1. Use Numbers in Post Titles (These are Eye-Catching). As an example, see below: 

Eyecatching2. Use Brackets or Parentheses in Title. See the example below:

3. Using Power Words in Title: 

Use various powers words like New, Effective, How to, Do you Know, Insane, Proven Ways, Case Study etc.

Part 5: Conclusion

Google RankBrain is an important ranking factor now. In fact, it is the third most important factor right now. I recommend you guys to completely make changes to your content according to the RankBrain update.

So, guys, this is all about Google RankBrain. I tried my best to give you the complete idea about it and its working. If you have any doubt or suggestion please leave a comment below.

Overall Rating:
  • Rankbrain Effectiveness
  • SEO Challanges
  • Better Results
  • Optimization
  • Rank Boosting


All the articles are rated after a long research and discussions. If you find any wrong information in these, please let me know through comments. Also, please rate this article to make it trustful for others!

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